Manage all your database backups from one place. Automate SQL Express & SQL Server Database Backups. Detailed logging of all events.
Manage servers whether they have an internet connection or not. Just $2 / month per server (physical or virtual), unlimited instances, unlimited databases. Schedule Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly backups. Automate Microsoft SQL Express database backups, or any other version of Microsoft SQL server. Organize by Company, Location & Server, all from one web console. All done securely with Triple DES encryption. Daily email summary report sent showing all your database activities. One account: Unlimited users - Unlimited instances - Unlimited databases. We don’t keep your SQL passwords, your sql password is entered once and encrypted and stored on your sql server.  Your servers don’t need direct access to the internet with the use of our Repeater utility which relays commands from your console to your SQL server to schedule tasks.
Coming soon… uploading to your Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage… or utiltize cloud storage service.
Fully Automate Database Backups Runs in the background as a system service Decide how many backups to keep, automatically purging older databases. No annoying advertising
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